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Free DUI Case Evaluation

DUI Drunk Driving Free Case Evaluation

You may have a good chance of winning your DUI case. A “win” is when you walk into court charged with a DUI offense and walk out of court with a dismissal or conviction on a lesser charge. Only a competent DUI attorney with experience can thoroughly evaluate your case and discuss the legal DUI defenses available to you. Your defense or defenses to the DUI may be apparent, or they may be discovered after significant investigation into your case.

Breathalyzer Test

Every DUI case is different. Just because you registered over the legal limit does not mean that you are guilty of DUI. Most often the state-administered chemical test used in a DUI arrest is the breathalyzer test on the Intoxilyzer 5000, manufactured by CMI Corporation. Challenges to the accuracy of the breathalyzer test are numerous: many chemicals can alter the DUI breathalyzer test result; radio frequency can affect the machine’s accuracy; if you are a female, the machine may have given a false reading that increased your breathalyzer test result by up to 100%; when you consumed your last drink can greatly affect the accuracy of the DUI breathalyzer test; acid reflux can affect the DUI breathalyzer test result, etc.

DUI Blood Test

If you submitted to a blood test, the prosecutor must prove that the blood test result is accurate. In the past, when a person from the GBI presented a blood test result in court it was accepted by the court as accurate. However, recent years have proven that the result is often inaccurate, unreliable, and sometimes ruled inadmissible by the judge. A DUI lawyer with courtroom experience examining and cross-examining GBI experts and independent experts can reveal problems with the blood test that many lawyers would never find.

DUI Checkpoints

If your DUI arrest was a typical DUI arrest, then it likely involved a police officer making a traffic stop while you were driving, or you were stopped at a roadblock. The police officer asked you if you have been drinking, and then had you to step out of the car. He likely asked a few questions and then had you perform some field sobriety evaluations, or you may have refused to perform the field evaluations. Regardless of how well you performed the evaluations, the officer asked you if you had anything to drink. He then read you the implied consent warning which is a long recitation that you did not understand and asked you to take a breath test. You either consented to the DUI test or refused. He transported you to the jail where, after several hours, you posted bond.

What you may not know is that the only reason the officer stopped your car was to see if you had been drinking. If you had anything at all to drink prior to driving, then in most circumstances the officer was going to arrest you and charge you with DUI no matter what you do. If you refuse to perform the field sobriety evaluations, he will arrest you. If you cooperate and perform the field evaluations, he will arrest you. Although the evaluations are completely voluntary, the officer did not tell you that they were voluntary. If you do everything that he asks you to, he will arrest you. If you refuse everything, he will arrest you. Even if you are not intoxicated, he is going to arrest you if you drank something prior to driving.

It is for these reasons that you need to contact a DUI defense lawyer immediately. The evaluation is free, and when completed you will have a better understanding of your rights, defenses, and your options.

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