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Travis Saul, Former DUI Prosecutor Now Vigorously Defends GA DUI Cases

If you have been charged with DUI, you need to speak with a lawyer who specializes in DUI defense. Many criminal defense attorneys who do not specialize in DUI defense handle DUI cases and simply plead the person guilty. Whether you decide to hire a DUI lawyer is completely your choice. However, you should never enter a courtroom without first consulting with an experienced lawyer who specializes in DUI. Travis Saul will meet with you for free, evaluate your case, and answer any questions that you may have. Call (706) 724-1896.

Just because you have been charged with committing DUI or some other criminal offense does not mean you are guilty. Just because a piece of paper says you were over the legal limit does not mean you are guilty. Everyday police officers charge people with DUI who are later determined to be not guilty. Chances are you were pulled over for a minor traffic offense or a roadblock. The police officer arrested you for DUI based on the officer’s “opinion” that you were DUI. In all likelihood,

the police officer was going to arrest you for DUI no matter what happened on the side of the road. Before you decide to go to court without a lawyer, plead guilty and face severe consequences, contact Travis Saul. We will discuss your case, your rights, and your options.

If you don’t contact a DUI lawyer immediately, your license may be automatically suspended for up to one year. The ten-day rule states that if you were charged with DUI, and you either refused the state-administered chemical test or took the test and registered at or above the legal limit, the government may suspend your driver’s license if you do not appeal the suspension within ten business days from the date of your arrest. Contact our office at (706) 724-1896 so that we can save your driver’s license and advise you of your rights.